Valhondo Public Mount

Leaving the sierras we enter the mountainous zone. We make two big parts: the oak and the holm oak. We have three large north-facing valleys of considerable average altitude, above 650 meters.

The good rainfall and the slate soil allow these areas to alternate goat, sheep, cow and black guarro herds with cherry and chestnut tree farms. The intricacy or twists and turns of some valleys keep the hand of man away, leaving large areas that can be considered “wild”.

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Breeding grounds of animal species where almost all year round they are in a totally natural environment.

The farms are of great extension and although they have residual agricultural and livestock uses, its main use is hunting, being among the most coveted preserves of the peninsula.

This is where the last summer pastures and the first autumn pastures, the largest and tastiest fruits, the top of the range curinary products come out of these valleys for the whole of Spain.

In the past, these areas were permanently populated by groups of 20 to 50 people, some of which were even larger and others had no more than one family unit. You lived where you worked, as there were many hours to the village.