Route to the Cogorro

The Cogorro mountain closes the valley of Berzocana, it is a hill from which you can see a distant horizon.

The route gives us views of the Sierra very rare, as well as impressive, because from few sides you can see its dimension.



Ruta al Cogorro
6,5 Kms
2 horas
Fácil – Media

Ideal to leave the square with the batteries well charged. We are going to climb very slowly up to this mountain that closes the valley. First the path goes to look for the river in a gentle descent. Then the climb begins.

Every now and then we will have to turn around to see what we left behind us, as the altitude gives us spectacular views.

The descent is fast; between forests of chestnut trees, oaks and ash trees on the riverbank. Then it’s time for a short climb to the town