Route to Risco Gordo

1270 meters, geodesic point, trekking route, unparalleled panoramic views.

The effort is much less than it seems the ascent, because the cliff appears monumental, enormous. Its privileged location makes this place an excellent viewpoint.

Feeling the magic of beautiful corners, we enjoy nature to the fullest, of places that are only possible to discover by reaching these places.



Ruta a Risco Gordo
8,5 Kms
4 horas

A route dotted with interesting places to take breaks and visit the caves with cave paintings, the Botanical Garden or the Mirador del Era.

Challenge, effort and intense contact with nature and Above, we can observe spectacular 360º panoramic views: on one side the cliffs and valleys of the Geopark, and on the other the mountains and the Guadiana basin.

An exciting tour that will leave a mark in your memory.