Route to Cabeza del Moro

Perhaps the most complete tour we can make. We leave the Plaza to find one of the most curious megalithic idols of Extremadura.

It is an enigma of the times that defies the passage of time. The route leaves us very close to the cave paintings and other attractions of the Sierra de Berzocana, mainly the caves and the botanical garden.



Cabeza del Moro
5,5 kms.
2:30 horas

This route leads us through the geosite Cancho de la Sábana and Cabeza del Moro. We leave through the upper part of the town, through a gentle ascent between orchards and olive groves, we reach the road, cross it with caution and follow the road leading to “Finca la Sierra”.

At the entrance to the park, it coincides with the network of marked trails that crisscross the Sierra de Berzocana. The route takes us to Cabeza del Moro, an emblematic place for the locals and always fascinating for visitors.

The descent begins. We pass through the Chorrera de Cabeza del Moro, surrounded by long-lived chestnut trees we descend to Berzocana. The tour ends at this same point.