Route to the Caves

It includes an experience with the Sierra de Berzocana that can be extended as much as the interest that will awaken the environment: nature, archeology, geology…

Three caves and the Botanical Garden are the preferred destinations, but Cabeza del Moro or Risco Gordo can also complete a day among the crags of the Geopark.



Ruta a las Cuevas
5,5 kms
3 horas
Caminos y Veredas
Lineal o Circular

The route starts at the Plaza de Berzocana. If we choose to go up by car, we will leave by the Solana road and we will take the signposted track that goes up to the Finca de la Sierra Rural House.

It is a generally accessible route for all vehicles, although there are a couple of steep slopes to go very slowly. Otherwise, it is a very enjoyable time with good views.

We recommend walking up from the village, along the road that goes up Carretas street and that leads to the house by the straightest way. This means a good slope from the beginning that gradually gets steeper. We cross the Solana road and continue along an asphalt road that leads to the water treatment plant and the pond.

We turn up a steep slope that shortcuts to another lane that leads to the sierra to the left again. We arrive at the gates of the Finca de la Sierra, one more squeeze and we are in the house.

From here the route is marked so we will not have many problems to reach our objectives.

The path leads upwards through a thick grove of cork oaks and strawberry trees, high olive groves and continuous rocky areas and arrives directly at the Botanical Garden of the Huertos de la Sierra. Before we are going to find two branches that go off to the right.

The first leads to the Cueva de la Sábana and the second to the nearby Cueva de los Cabritos and Cueva de los Morales.

The trail ends at the Huertos de la Sierra Botanical Garden. A space under construction that already houses a good number of plant species.