Las Mohedas Bridge

The old bridge that crosses the Berzocana River may be as old as the remains that are located nearby, not far from the village and necropolis of Valhondo, which it served in times of high flow,

The truth is that it appears in documentation of the fifteenth century and one of its arches is pointed, although it may be a medieval repair.

It is also related to the road to Garciaz, Aldeacentenera and also to the Aguijón mines.

Ctra. Garciaz , 3,5 km
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Of robust appearance, it is built with large slate boats, although, especially at its base, there are numerous quartzite stones.

It has three large eyes. Two are semicircular and the other is ogival. The bridge is very narrow and the vehicles still circulate, sometimes very heavy, but nevertheless it endures the times.

Nearby is the new Hermitage of San Isidro, in the Dehesa Boyal de Berzocana. An ideal place for the pilgrimage that takes place in May, also for many activities related to nature.