Plaza Vieja

Formerly the town faced more to the west, this square represents the second important growth of the population.

Plaza Vieja
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Mucha tranquilidad
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The Plaza Vieja is located just below the church. It is a place of slopes, the houses adapt as best they can to the terrain. In the memory are the arcades, the arch house and others that were the axis of the population in ancient times.

The Ermita de la Concepción road is the natural exit from the neighborhood, which has recently been extended to the social housing. The latest renovations are being tastefully done, the gardens and fountain are an ideal place for quiet leisure. It is complemented with game tables. And decorations placed by the neighbors give an irresistible attraction to the surroundings.

The cobblestone street acts as a traffic circle that runs through most of the old neighborhoods. You can get out of it to discover a thousand beautiful corners that will make you understand the life of our elders.