Mesto de la Dehesa

The mesto speaks to us of miscegenation, of the union of different to create something new. This Mesto is very special because of its dimensions and its age, of course, 200 years old, which may not seem very old by the looks of it….

is a huge specimen located in a place with an ecological value characterized by its conservation.

Hybrids are not uncommon in nature, the mesto is one that is formed by the hybridization of a cork oak and a holm oak.

Dehesa Valhondo
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Traditionally they were considered as something not positive because they lacked all the virtues of the oak or cork oak, according to the mixture between 1 and another generates specimens that are sometimes very different as they look more like lancina or cork oak in any case never have neither the quantity and quality of acorns or cork that could have. They were often frowned upon and in some cultures they are even given special omens.

Because of these considerations many mestos are considered monumental trees and are on botanical lists around the world.

The mesto is located in the dehesa de valhondo, which is the dehesa boyal of berzocana. Public forests with an area of approximately 600 hectares where an intense life, a biodiversity of that makes it the guarantor of numerous environmental declarations. In addition to the numerous mammals such as deer and wild boar, there are special birds such as the black stork, golden eagles, hawks and an endless number of other species. birds what makes this dehesa is among the most popular Birding of Extremadura.