La Nava Oak

It is also known as the Maribela oak. The Valley is like a fairy tale where all the trees have a special size, it is a meadow of oak trees of many years of age, it is enough to be near them to understand how long they have been with us.

The trees are enormous. Controlled pruning has led to the creation of Sensational specimens. The seasons of the year substantially mark the landscape anyway that there are four visits that we can make in this place, each season composes a different image from which emanates very different sensations.

Valle de la Nava
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As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning the presence of wild blackthorns. In the Valley. Many berzocaniegos highlights perform the annual rite of harvesting the sloe for the preparation of rich homemade pacharanes that are the delight of those who have the opportunity to taste them.

Also the mycological richness of the environment is very special, we can find boletus, mushrooms, caesarean amanitas and others that fill the dishes in autumn with flavors of the countryside, nature.

The dimensions of the Nava oak are impressive 20 m high, four and a half meters in diameter in the trunk and 29 m in the crown. It is part of the list of singular trees of Extremadura since 2004.

In any case its age is measured in hundreds of years, 400 years are the most common estimates,

Many years there. From below we can see that it is impressively large, probably one of the best specimens among the largest in Extremadura and of course among the best in Spain.

We were talking about the Valley; the navas are some houses that are very close here, during the whole year the people lived close to their own, to their agricultural and livestock work and the town is relatively far away and they had to stay here, also an attitude of defense.

The tree has always had people, from the historical point of view the valley has been very important for the presence in the area of archaeological remains for many years. Flint arrowheads have been found, there are dolmens, it is an ideal area for the presence of man in contact with nature due to the richness of the soil and the mild climate of these places.