Casa del Cordón

The building has been extensively renovated. Its old structure can hardly be imagined and the artistic wrought iron gate it used to have is now just a memory.

There is also no memory of its use, but the latest research concludes that it may have been the House of the Confraternity of Saints Fulgencio and Florentina, because of the papal coat of arms that presides over such a beautiful cover.

C/ Santa Florentina
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Entre la iglesia
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All that remains is the semicircular doorway in granite masonry and adorned with a cordon traditionally attributed to the Franciscans, but widely used by the clergy. In the keystone of the arch we see a shield representing a mitre or tiara on two crossed keys, it is the coat of arms of the Pope of Rome.

The religious character of the house is undeniable, it could have been used as a hostel of the parish where pilgrims and visitors could stay. They provided rooms for nobles or clergymen who came to venerate the relics of the saints.

Everything indicates that it was privatized during the disentailments of the 19th century.