Pilar Fountain

The Pilar fountain is a reference for Berzocana. It collects excess water from wells and springs of houses scattered throughout the Duche neighborhood, which is just above the square.

Calle el Pilar
681 264 319
Grandes Bloques de Granito
y una dama

This inexhaustible stream, which diminishes little during the summer, arrives through pipes of which little is known. The quality is not suitable for human consumption.

The pillar is formed with large granite stones, which is not a local stone. They are joined together to close a wide rectangle. A hole allows the evacuation of the excess water so that it does not stir the vessel.

In the center rises, as a column, a large cylindrical shaft, of great thickness. In its interior the water rises up to the two lateral pipes through which it exits.

The finishing touch is an unknown quantity. A very old sculpture, also made of granite, but with a patina with much more centuries than the rest of the construction. It has the appearance of a bust like an Iberian lady, with the characteristic headdress.