Plaza de España

It is one of the most beautiful of Extremadura. An unparalleled ensemble that has no equal anywhere. It seems to be conceived as the amphitheater of a large town. It has a charm that enchants you from the first moment.

This square is like few others: it is the extension of everyone’s home, the place of great occasions, the public parking, the children’s playground, the party botellón, the weekly flea market, the bullfighting when it used to be held…

It is also the “mentidero” par excellence, place of cozy terraces, landing of visitors, passage of everything and everyone?

Plaza de España
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Disfruta del Entorno
y las terrazas

The year begins in this square with the Christmas tree and some huts where the Three Wise Men will come in a few days…

It won’t be long until San Fulgencio, on January 16, when nature lovers come to share a weekend with the neighbors in an Environmental Days. The first barbecue and the music plays, even if it’s on portable equipment…

It will almost always be full of cars, as parking is only prohibited during the month of August and for occasional celebrations.

In the past, the bonfire of San José was lit. While the summer arrives, it will surely be filled with a theater group, a cycling race, a concentration of antique vehicles, a gathering of school children… and an endless number of events that change the life and appearance of the square.

It is in August when it is most enjoyable. Without cars and with children in the village is the place to play during the day and night. The programmed activities extend throughout the month: concerts, movies, games, various shows… there are days that change its shape three times.

The processions inevitably pass through the square. Offertories are also held at different times and always dance to the sound of the music.

In the square is the Town Hall, the hotel, two of the three bars of the village and the animation of the one who is eager to share some time with any neighbor who surely will be happy to welcome you and spend time.