Morales Cave

The cave paintings of the schematic art are practically not seen. The motifs, very poorly preserved, are limited to a bar, various dots and what could represent a dagger or sword.

Possibly it is an old iron mine, being found in the vicinity, sheets of low purity and slag of this mineral.

Associated with the paintings are the arrowheads, scrapers and silex burins found in these caves.

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Although the paintings are located at the entrance of the cave, the interior is no less interesting. It is accessed through an inclined tube of 3 or 4 meters with a small curve at the end. Then we arrive at a 10 by five meter cavity where the darkness is total.

Inside we are inside a large geode, we probably do not yet know what this place has to offer. The metalliferous slag in the surrounding area is evidence of a great mining activity that cannot be explained by the inner shaft alone.

There are quartz veins and the mineral oozes everywhere.

Occasionally we may come across a bat that spends some time inside. In such a case we should make as little noise as possible and if the animal flies away, we should not hinder its flight.