In the Nature of the Gods

Environmental quality marks are crowded in Berzocana. The Crags are a Special Protection Area for Birds, the Mountains are catalogued as a Site of Community Interest, the two Singular Trees of Extremadura, Designation of Origin for Wine, Cheese and Honey…. this is just the tip of a huge iceberg where Nature Conservation is intrinsic in a very generous environment.


All this guarantees that the state of our nature meets the best conditions for the fauna, flora and the products obtained from them are of the highest quality. We can also extend these assets to the cherry and chestnut farms that compete and are recognized as the best in Extremadura. The cattle breeding is extensive, producing specimens that have eaten in good and abundant pastures almost all year round, in old and spacious stables, varying the plot depending on the year.

The variety of ecosystems is extreme, such as the height and hardness of its quartzite cliffs, the ductility and acidity of the reddish mantle that surrounds them and the fertility of the humid mountains of brown slate, which face north and keep an intense activity under their green blanket. And the most placid, serene and manageable pasture that extends in the northern lands.

Hunting activity is also intense, as there is a well-kept herd of deer, roe deer and wild boar, which take advantage of the intricate mountains and the nooks and crannies of the sierra to breed good specimens for hunting.

The cliffs are inhabited by many birds, mainly vultures. The white spots of their droppings and thus their nests are easily visible on the rocks. The most common is the Griffon Vulture, but Black Vultures, Egyptian Vultures… are also seen.

Leaving the sierras we enter the mountainous zone. We make two big parts: the oak and the holm oak. We have three large north-facing valleys of considerable average altitude, above 650 meters.
The good rainfall and the slate soil allow these areas to alternate goat, sheep, cow and black guarro herds with cherry and chestnut tree farms.

The gorges that descend from the Sierra are noisy almost all year round: La Teja, El Batán, El Mellao, El Pero and La Serranita. They rush down to the great collector of them all, the Berzocana River.
In these banks there are mainly alder and poplar forests, but there are also ash trees.