Hermitage of La Concepción

is located in the profile of a hill that watches the roads that came from Trujillo and Garcíaz or the meadows of the high term where the hermitage of the conception is located, humiliation and solace rest for walkers.

In front of the hermitage there is a well with very rich water that reanimated body and spirit to horses and men. There are remains of foundations among the orchards that border the road and the belief among the population that in the past there were many inhabitants around this temple.

Camino de Trujillo
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What stands out the most is the large porch that is now located at the entrance. to its large dimensions must be added a careful care in its ornamentation, made of granite and open on 3 sides with 3 large arches that provide good shade. the floor is also another filigree, made with quartzite stones of irregular shape combining 3 colors: the usual ocher of this rock and as a corridor white quartz and black river stones and simulating geometric shapes, is the perfect finishing touch to such a beautiful place.

The temple has a great cover also made of granite, it is strong and elegant, in 1 of its sides there is a window through which you can glimpse the interior. The porch, the apse and a good part of the temple were renovated in the 16th century, at about the same time as the church. we can say that the granite we see is all from this time.

The interior is very well cared for and there are people in the village who are very attentive to the general state of the hermitage. The temple has a beautiful altarpiece where the image of the Virgin of the conception is located. the ceiling must be the original wooden one and is very well preserved. A large central arcade supports the weight of the roof between the walls of the chancel and the foot

From here you have the best panoramic views of the mountains framing the village in a green forest of oaks, chestnut trees, cork oaks, holm oaks and all the biodiversity present in the Geopark villuercas Ibores Jara. From here we see how the village is closed between mountains, guarding itself from the cold north winds and opened by a narrow gorge to the west, to the south are the ports of cañamero and logrosán, already on the slope of the Guadiana, are the last peaks of southern Spain, from here both the vegetation and temperatures will undergo a sudden change.

is also a nice walk from the population, being able to make a route of life and return oh another circular one which goes up a boat the hill of the girls to have views of height and an approach to the agriculture and domestic cattle raising present in the enclosures and the orchards of our way. It is also on the way to the Roman necropolis and the mesto de la dehesa, giving these routes a special place to get to the town, undoubtedly the best way to start to know Berzocana.