Ermita del Niño Hermitage

The Servant of God and Blessed Mary of the Child Jesus lived in this humble house after the death of her parents and parted with her inheritance for the benefit of the poor of Berzocana.

On the main façade we see on the alfiz of the door a coat of arms of the Meneses and Orellana families.

c/ Olivares 2
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Fijate en el Escudo
y Meneses y Orellana

Although he did not live in or found a convent, he renounced the inheritance and house of his parents and distributed his goods among the poor and his brother. He retired to a small narrow house next to the church and after his death the town did not allow another inhabitant to enter. He died on September 9, 1668, at the age of forty and it is then when the building became the hermitage of the Child Jesus, maintaining the traditional feast whose memory is now almost forgotten.

It celebrated annually the Circumcision of Jesus where the miracle of the multiplication of the food that he gave to his poor was repeated. Her feast began during the life of the Blessed, who instituted it by order of the Angels in commemoration of her own name. In a thousand ways, he would get money to buy bread and fruits that he would give as alms even to the rich people who would sneak into the line of the poor.


But the most important facts for which our mystic was on the verge of becoming a Saint of the Catholic Church was the mysterious connection she claimed to have with the Angels and the demons, who alternately ordered her to perform certain acts. Angels helped her in her illness, and wrote for her, she said, as she told how her hands were moved by celestial entities while she filled important liturgical treatises. The demons, on the other hand, ordered him to inflict wounds and other acts contrary to faith. her life was torn between these two forces that constantly tugged at her.


The building has been restored a few years ago, returning it to its original style and giving value to the whole. However, it is already in need of new attention, since the passage of time is not in vain in any living being, nor in any of our monuments.


Lhe local community has planned for this place a center of interpretation of the Blessed Meneses, where you can collect the things that are still preserved and explaining the figure and work of such an important personality.