Cross of the Saints

The Cross of the Saints indicates at the foot of the road the place of the apparition of the relics of Saint Fulgentius and Saint Florentine. next to the road, next to the olive tree known as Olivo de los Santos.

the place where these relics were found was indicated by the erection of a large column, which, from its patina, appears to be very old. It is topped with a cross, it is more modern, it has in the center the Pontifical coat of arms, the coat of arms of the father of Rome.

Camino de la Sierra
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Repara en la historia
y el Olivo de los Santos

La Cruz is elevated on several steps which gives it a unique character and beauty framed in the mountains of the Geopark.

Not long ago, the enclosure that surrounds it was built, with granite monoliths and chains that enhance the whole. This place also marks the boundary between the cultivated land and the natural forest of these mountains. From La Cruz upwards, we first see cork oak groves and then the oak trees up to the foot of the rocks. However, we are going to contemplate small farms. almost all of them are olive trees, although there are also some vineyards.

The cross stands on a podium of three quadrangular steps, with a small circular mass and a monolithic and cylindrical shaft that ends in a cross of square section.

For many researchers this cross also marks the boundaries of the bishopric of Toledo in its attempts of maximum expansion in the lands of Extremadura.

The olive tree of the Saints is located on the fence immediately below the Cross. In that fence and near the wall we can observe an olive tree that is bigger than all the others around it. That is where the marble sarcophagus and the rest of the relics appeared.

On the pedestal there is an inscription with the date of the monument’s restoration: “2002”. A plaque reads: “In this place on October 26, 1223, the mortal remains of the glorious Visigoth saints Fulgencio and Florentina (brothers of San Leandro and San Isidoro) were found by a farmer in a marble sarcophagus,
as they were buried by the Sevillian clergymen, who moved them in the VIII century, from the church of San Juan de la Palma of that city to these mountains of the Villuercas, together with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, fleeing from the Arab invasion. The glorious relics are venerated in the monumental parish church of this town. This monument commemorating the apparition of Saints Fulgentius Florentina, called the “Cross of the Saints”, was restored in July 2002 by the Pontifical Confraternity of the Saints of the Saints of the Order of St. Francis of Assisi.