Cabeza del Moro

It is a wonderful icon, a great stone in a breathtaking place that is a reference for all visitors and all the inhabitants of the Villuercas Geopark.

A very rare originality as you can see, it is a great stone is sustained on an intimate base, in an impossible balance. There is always a little bit of mystery as we don’t really know how that stone got here.

What is clear is that the monumentality and the sacredness of the whole site

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In the book “Berrocales sagrados de Extremadura” he talks about the importance of El entorno de cabeza del Moro, he qualifies it as a numismatic Peña as pareidolia and as a sonorous Peña and he does it in this way:

“Among the sacred Peñas of Extremadura, we must include some pareidolias and among these we must include these of special interest are the Peñas that have the shape of a mushroom or mushroom and those that are interpreted as a human face with two eyes.

pareidolia is a phenomenon of psychological origin that consists in perceiving an image, in this case that of a rock and interpreting it as a representation of another being, animate or not, for which it is remembered in a more or less subjective way by its form, although if this form is really similar it can be perceived by the generality of the people.

This can be reached from the village on a circular route that adds other attractions to half a day between nature and the history of Berzocana and Extremadura.

It is highly recommended to go down to the Mellao stream, with its crystalline waters and untouched environment, it presents unparalleled views. On the other side, a little further up, there is an interesting cave that crosses the cliff.