Berzocaniego with Celtic Spirit

The first millennium B.C. will be involved in wars, it is the time of the walled forts which were placed on a hill, generally on the junction of two rivers.

In Berzocana there are three important ones: the Terrero in the high cliffs, the Castrejón between the mountains and the Dehesilla, practically in the plain…

Castros en fincas privada

The discovery of metals will change the economy of these places by increasing trade and opening new paths, but it will be at the end of the Bronze Age when the most significant changes come with the appearance of Iron and the replacement of a whole way of life, customs and uses that incorporate the culture.

The castros signify the authority and, above all, the cash box of all this mineral. Therefore they are in the environment of the mines.

In the high cliffs is located the Castro del Terrero, between two natural walls. The settlement overflows the walls, you can still see buildings. The Berzocana Treasure appeared very close by.

Castrejón is big, very big. It has two walls and two moats, it closes an important perimeter where the stones are piled up on the squares of its own construction. It is a place of oak forests, very different from the sierras. It is located on the Garciaz road.

Very close to the Aguijón del Almonte mines is La Dehesilla. The castro is located at one of the natural entrances to the mining area. There is a lot of pottery on the surface and remains of walls and dwellings.

Although they are private estates, in the Berzocana Interpretation Center, we can see some remains of these enigmatic places.

Cattle ranching has spread and the herders are also warriors. The time of the decorated stelae, such as the one found in Solana.

The caravans of the Tartessian and Phoenician caravans will enhance the value of the rich minerals of the mountains and cliffs, first copper and gold, then iron, silver and lead veins. The minerals are either forged on site or exported raw. The dispersion of ferric slag, forge mucus heated with heather strains, is very abundant.