Sierra de Berzocana Park

Special Bird Protection Area. A great space for leisure and culture in one of the mythical places in the local culture. Here you will find caves with cave paintings, megalithic idols, a botanical garden, trails and a wide range of hotels and restaurants.

It is one of the Geosites of the Geopark. You can enjoy caves with cave paintings, fossils, botanical gardens, viewpoints, rest areas, rural accommodation, green mobility point, sport climbing routes, shepherds’ huts…

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In the quartzite cliffs there are numerous caves and hollows, most of them related to the hand of man and some due to natural phenomena. In many of them there are marks of cave paintings. These are prehistoric mining operations in superficial iron seams mainly.

The network of trails in the Park reaches the farthest corners of the farm, although you can move freely through them, we recommend that you follow one of the recommended routes. Paths and trails that take you to the most interesting corners. Up to five tours depending on our interests, possibilities, time…

The Botanical Garden is another point of interest. An incursion in this place is a direct experience with the essence of the nature of the Geopark. Located under the source of a stream, it is a living space. The walk through its different ecosystems gives us a thousand colors, impregnating us with fragrances offered by the great quantity and variety of plants, many of them endemic.

Climbing can also be practiced in the numerous routes opened in the cancho de la Sábana, next to the cave.

There are special places because they are in privileged spaces. Great landscapes, infinite horizons, traditional constructions… In many of them there are resting places and interpretive panels that bring you closer to the values of the territory.