Shroud Cave

At the base of the Cancho of the same name, an immense mass of quartzite, a hole was opened in the form of an oblique sheet. Product of very remote mining activities and the forces of nature.

Everyone arrives at this place. Cave paintings, marine fossils, fault mirror and unsurpassed landscapes.

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Respeta la Naturaleza
y las pinturas

As for the cave paintings, there are only a couple of strange symbols of difficult explanation and a human figure in this cave.

Most of the red motifs are located at the entrance and to the right of the cave. A human figure, of notable dimensions, is located on the ceiling and at a certain depth, also differentiated by its earthy color.

Also very noticeable are the sea waves, the ripers mars, the imprint of the waves or the currents of the sea on the old sand of the beach.

From books is the failure mirror produced by the sliding of the blocks. It is at the entrance on our left flank. The rock almost turns to glass at the temperatures and pressures reached.

There are open climbing routes in the vicinity of the cave.

The place is incredibly beautiful, the grandeur of the whole, the embrace of nature and the view from the heights compose a picture to remember.