Routes through Extremadura

Rutas por Extremadura proposes a series of products that go beyond generalist activities to adapt to a public eager for original experiences related to history, nature and gastronomy.

They are specialized in heritage and nature interpretation, and their staff will accompany you on an exciting adventure to enjoy pleasant sensations and broaden cultural horizons. In all their routes they seek the most characteristic aspects and the most favorable environments for their contemplation and knowledge, in a sustainable way. To follow the trail of men and animals, or to contemplate large singular trees and tiny passing flowers.

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Rutas por Extremadura brings together a large team of independent professionals; tourism technicians, guides, instructors and experts in various sports disciplines. Together we tackle a wide range of projects, almost always related to the world of communication, tourism or information technology.

The experience of our people is a guarantee of good work, quality and originality in the projects we develop.

We work regularly in the Villuercas Ibores Jara Geopark, in the Siberia of Extremadura, in Monfragüe and Trujillo. We focus our proposals in the world of Activities, mainly in Protected Natural Spaces, where we offer all the Services that the tourist may need.