Huertos de San Juan Botanical Garden

Dedicated to the memory of Pedro Blanco Aldeano. Rural Development Technician of the Local Action Group APRODERVI.

It is a tribute to Nature. The Botanical Garden is an old aspiration of the City Council of Berzocana, an idea that has been worked on for years, practically since the acquisition of the Finca de la Sierra.

Little by little efforts have been added, mainly conservationist volunteers from ARBA Extremadura, also peonadas of agricultural workers, who year after year have made an effort to clean the whole area, flooded by the bush, also raising walls and rebuilt the pond and the streamside.

They are located in an incomparable setting. Located at a high altitude, almost 1000 meters on a slope of vertiginous walls. At the foot of the fountains of San Juan, which also provide water to the village.

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Several stone posts hold the land where they once cultivated garden products. Other walls mark different tables separating the spaces into differentiated areas. Along the course of the gorge there are large accumulations of stones.

In each of these spaces we try to recreate different ecosystems of our natural environment: riverine forest and wetlands next to the river, near the shady area and another area for the sun, in the driest and most arid area of the Garden. There will also be an area of ornamental plants and a traditional vegetable garden.

At the moment there are many plants in place. With the contributions made by all the children of the village and more recently together with ARBA of Extremadura, the planting phase of the Botanical Garden was completed. The quantity and variety of plant species represents almost all of those that can be found in the Villuercas and a large part of Extremadura and the Mediterranean forest ecosystems in their full extent.

There is a large amount of fossils between the walls and the caves with cave paintings are located a mere 300 meters away. Together they complete a good day of encounter with nature and our culture.