A Sierra Town

Berzocana sits on a small hill at 728 meters above sea level, between two waters: the Garganta de San Juan and the Arroyo de las Carretas. It is surrounded by much higher mountains, Risco Gordo reaches almost 1300 meters. The neighborhoods have names that resonate in the depths of time.

Barrios de Berzocana
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The neighborhoods are well differentiated, almost separated from each other: La Duche, La Altura, La Plaza Vieja, El Altozano, Las Cortes… The houses are generally of irregular shape and small to medium size. They are built with slate, although quartzite and cobblestones are also used sporadically.

They rarely build brick vaults, most of them close the second floor with oak and chestnut beams. The second floor is used to store grain, picón, tools and seasonal supplies. Almost all of them have a patio and well.

The oldest neighborhood is supposed to be that of Las Cortes, in the highest part of the town. Small and medium-sized houses compete with each other in coquetry.

In the Plaza de las Cortes there is still one of the most typical and original arcades of Berzocana, made as large buttresses two meters long that rise to the roof covering the door on both sides.

The Plaza de Berzocana, is one of the most beautiful in Extremadura. An unparalleled ensemble that has no equal anywhere. It seems to be conceived as the amphitheater of a large town.