Penultimate Sunday of August. Bouquet Festival

During the week preceding the holidays and exactly on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

It is the most ancestral celebration of Berzocana. A rite by which the people gather around the Ramo, the family clans cling together, revalidating their annual agreement to stay together.

By then we have already had fifteen days of activities, games, cultural events that bring people out to the streets to share good times.


The main Sunday begins with a solemn mass in the parish church where, in front of the main altar, a special altar has been prepared where the relics of the saints venerated in the aforementioned artistic casket are placed and covered by a beautiful canopy of red silk.

The Solemn Procession takes place before the Mass. The procession opens with a cross and a banner of the brotherhood, behind which the images of Saint Florentina are carried on two platforms by women and Saint Fulgencio carried by men, taking turns among all the inhabitants of the town, behind which is the casket of the relics on platforms; and the two gilded silver reliquaries containing the skulls and the comb of Saint Florentina; in another case, the veil of Saint Florentina. After going through the main streets of the town, the procession returns to the church, and in front of the door of the church, the right to introduce the relics into the building is bid for.

At dusk, in the Plaza Mayor, takes place the most festive part of the festivities, the Offertory or as it is usually called by vocal degeneration, the “Ofretorio”. It consists of a sort of raffle, presided over by the authorities, where the offerings that decorate El Ramo are raffled, plus other offerings that the neighbors have made to the Saints.

The confreres offer the products one by one and the assistants bid to get them: the offerings that have been hanging from the bouquet are usually more valuable.

Tradición Ancestral
Fiesta Religiosa