March 14. St. Florentine

he old breviaries and the book of the offices of the Diocese of Plasencia and even the old calendars said that the transfer of Saint Florentina from Ecija to Seville was on March 14.

On this date Berzocana celebrates the saint with a procession of the saints and relics, the Ark is not taken out on this day.


The procession is followed by a high mass. Traditionally, on this day the Mayordomo presented the accounts to the Brotherhood.

For this reason, in the revision of the martyrology since John XXIII, who ordered it, they wanted to remedy this historical “lapse” and the feast of the death of St. Florentina is placed on June 20.

Fortunately they did not forget this Spanish Saint, although now we are the ones who have to adapt to her real feast on June 20, which is not only celebrated in Plasencia, but in Seville, Murcia Cartagena and in many other places including Argentina where there is a beautiful church to St. Florentina.

It is the women, represented by the housewives, who carry the playful weight of the day. They celebrate a brotherhood meal and always have a surprise for the whole town to have a fun afternoon.


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