October 26. Feast of the Apparition

If there is a feast that is ours by all means, it is the discovery of the relics on October 26, 1223.

Some years, weather permitting, there is a procession to the Cross of the Saints, at the foot of the Olive Tree of the Saints, where tradition has it that the Holy Relics were found. The mass is followed by a family party, with chocolate with churros and lately a concert of great level is celebrated.


It is not known with certainty, but at some point during the Muslim domination, the relics traveled from Seville, by way of the silver route, to Merida. We do not know for what reason, but on the way north they turn off towards the mountains of the villuercas. The clergymen bury the sarcophagus where the relics came from and they will remain forgotten for several centuries.

until unexpectedly a Tiller preparing the land was startled when the plowshare, pulled by yoke of oxen, stumbled upon a sarcophagus of unhewn alabaster marble. According to local tradition this occurred on October 26, 1223. this tradition continues to tell how the slightly frightened man went down to the village and with the local authorities discovered all the incredible treasure.

two heads, large bones of arms and legs and many others belonging to all parts of the body, a veil and a comb. and next to them there were some ancient parchments that explained the story of the escape of the Sevillian clerics with the relics, proving that the remains found belonged to the saints brothers Fulgencio and Florentina.

The remains were immediately transferred to the Mozarabic church of Berzocana, which belonged to the Cabildo of Trujillo and the then young diocese of Plasencia. Later in 1334, at the same time as the apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Alfonso XI ordered their exhumation and they were placed behind a gate next to the Gospel for the veneration of the faithful.

el 26 de octubre de 1223
un bezocaniego encontró las Reliquias
Desde entornces
se recuerda este día.