January. Environmental and Ethnographic Encounters in the Geopark

Accompanies the Festivity of San Fulgencio during the weekend closest to January 16. A program is prepared that revolves around the maintenance work we carry out in the Botanical Garden.

In addition, there are workshops, conferences and a number of activities where nature and culture of the Villuercas are the real protagonists.


This conference is organized together with the ARBA Extremadura Association and recently also ARBA la Villuerquina. They provide hearts that are moved by nature to do selfless work wherever it is needed.

This adds about 25 to 30 people to the local workforce. All in all, it will be an exciting weekend from Friday afternoon until midday on Sunday.

Volunteering, games, workshops, conferences, gastronomic tastings, tours… there is time and space for everything.

Voluntariado Medioambiental
Jardín Botánico Huertos de San Juan.
Conferencias, Talleres, Animación
Barbacoa, Migas Tradicionales, Música